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Hiking  Monkey Mountain.   Kids and Adults


 Punta de Mita has few hikes.. but  Monkey Mountain is one of the most popular hikes around Punta de Mita Peninsula and it is very close to Sayulita.

This is a 5 miles total distance,l out and back.this hike is  through the jungle and Volcanic fusion, It usually take 1hr  to 1:20hrs from the base of the Mountain( Higuera Blanca Village,Mita side) to the top of this mountain, wich it used to be a Ceremonial Center for the Indias in the past making Offers on top of this mountain for good  conditions  in the four seasons of the year.Also  an important reference point if you are a sailor or fisherman coming northwest on  the Pacific Ocean.


It takes 1 hour to get down to the base..Sometimes, people find out the uphill easier than the downhill part...It is all about technique We can show you few techniques during our ascent in specific difficult spots. Sometimes we run down the trails and sometimes just  hiking down enjoying quiet and watch the birds enjoying the silence.

There is nothing really to be aware. We have deers, small wild pigs (Jabali) Armadillos, few kinds of ants,Tejones.


Oil coconut all over, lime threes Shade 80 % of the trail.

We like to do it in morning ,,it is fresh and it is good to start the day hiking to  watching the 360 view from the top  of Monkey Mountain(Good for birdwatching)this time of the day.

On our way back,, We can stop for breakfast at Naef Chilaquiles in the Village.

But... I also like to do it  at Sunset.. i mean,, We have to start  1 hours before sunset ... be on top see the sunset,,,and quick come back down to Surf Bar.... a very good place for Pizza, hamburger, etc. and,,watch the stars. while celebrate the hike.

At Sunset We have to take lights on the trail.. especially the last 10 minutes gets dark,, but is safe and fun,, different perspective,people loves it once they do it this way.

The cost is:

$40 us per person.

3 hr Duration.

Includes P.Water and Fruit.Guide.pizza at the end.

We start at Km 5 Surf Bar. 5 kms from Punta de Mita.

Ask your concierge to contact me or email me direct.

We ll be happy to help on your vacations.

Excuse my writing mistakes.

 Monkey Mountain

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