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Snorkel Tour

The Snorkel Trip is fun and safe for everybody.

Marieta Islands are located at 9 kms from Punta de Mita,,so it just takes us 15 minutes on a moderate speed to get there.

The Volcanic Formation at the Marieta Islands is very interesting,,many birds to watch.

Private Trip.

We visit all the attractions at both islands

We can also walk on Cactus beach at the second Island wich is pretty. We snorkel at 2 of the best snorkel spots.  I always like to avoid crowded.

The Duration of this trip is 2:40 hrs.

Price is : $60 us per person.

Note: This private trip does not include Hidden beach Access.

For Hidden Beach Access:

We have to check avaliable spots by the main office in town.

This office (Cooperative) they are in charge and controling the limitated spots especificly in Hidden beach visit.

So.. If you are interested,Let me know to check available  spots.

And they also set up the price wich is :

$130 us per person.

This trip is also 2:40 hrs duration, visiting both islands too.