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 Snorkel Marieta Islands Tour 2 Choices.

 Marieta Islands, A great place to do snorkel and a huge bird sanctuary, Beautiful Rock Formations, I only do it if conditions are safe and fun for kids and adults / We visit little beaches along the Island, This has super cool volcanic formation, is a  Natural Reserve.(National Park)

This was actually one of the favorites scuba-dive spots for  Jacques Cousteau and The Caliipso.

-Hidden Beach  info

The Goberment of Mexico and the commission in  charge of the Island Protection (CONAMP) and the Punta de Mita Cooperative has made new rules in order to conserve and make a lower impact on this beautiful natural reserve. Only 117 people can visit hidden beach per day.,,so the reservation sistem at the main Cooperative office in town(In charge only for hiddne beach visits)  Its been little complicated... We recommend pre,pay 30% in order to save seats.

For you information:

The Island is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

The hidden beach        $150 us per person.

2 Hrs Duration.  (30 minutes inside hidden beach) checked by Coast Guards.

The Cooperative is in charge if this tour roll and pricing specifically.

All the boats has to wait their turn only if you go to hidden beach. 

I have another Option of Private Snorkel Trip.

Private Snorkel Trip        $75 us per person

3 hrs Duration.

This Visit to Marieta Islands is very complete,  The Duration is 3 hrs. We snorkel in 2 spots...also we walk at Cactus Beach...visit all the cool rock formations in both Islands,,, but,,,no hidden beach access. 

We have snorkel equipment on the boat as all the life vests

Please...Let me know if you have any questions..  sometimes i am not sure if i explain things right,,,especially in english... not my first language.  No good web designer eathier.