Surf Lessons 

A diferent Surf Concept

We like to surf but We also enjoy  to teach Kids or Adults to surf, And Punta de Mita is one of the best places for learn to surf with friends or family.

We have a couple of choices and beaches to visit accourding with the Surf when you are visiting us.

Always a good spot to be comfortable in the water or on the beach.

We do 15 minutes warm up and basic informtion and a Balance simulation, making it easier once you are in the water.

Surf Instructors stay with you the whole time.

Surf is always safe here,, Never too big to be worry

The cost for private lesson is 

$100 us 1 person.  

$60 us 3 or more people... if you have a group.. We can do always better.

​Organic Surf Company.


Mita Aventuras