Mita Aventuras




​In Punta de Mita there are  great people and great Surf schools, but We are diferent ..I think,..¡.... i think we are a diferent concept.

A real family "Company",,,Wich,,, I dont like to call Mita Aventuras (mita adventures) a Company.... We are a team doing whta we like and anjoy in Punta de Mita.

Why us:

-You can pay via (PayPal ) when you make your reservation or pay when we do the surf in cash...or pay after,,even when get home...I    trust You.but they been Taking a lot of comission lately. 

-It is Better if is cash I have to say,,but I am more worry for you have a good experience more than the payment method.

-I can do it for free ,,if it is necessary 

As a family

-We love what we do,,,actually..i think we are very lucky...just by been here and with family.

-We can go to any beach to surf.

-A "Company" with a face.

-Enjoying Simple Things

Now.. We are building a Surf House.. with few rooms for families.

You can call me or text me.. or what sap.   52  322 1907020

2018. It is been great for many activities in Punta de Mita,  All family happy.

Thanks for visiting us.

Alex Sr. Melanie Zuno. Alex Jr and Diego.