Mita Aventuras



In Punta de Mita there's  great people and great Surf schools, but apparently, they been trying to be # 1 by getting more clients by session ..and that make them lose their goal. "It is always important to not lose the student perspective" and fears etc.

Been in a small group,1 or 2 Instructor can be with you all the time, without  dealing with 4 more students same time.. I been respecting the number of participants in order you have great moments while you learn how to surf.

-We don't snorkel if conditions are not good.. i ll let you know.I like to be honest.. your vacations here are important.

-We don't have several instructors or 160 +surfboards..We are just  4 Member family, Each of us,, ready to share and enjoy  this beautiful Punta de Mita Peninsula.

-We are flexible i think.. let me know when is good for you to do the activity.

Why us:

-You can pay(PayPal or other)Or pay after,,even when get home...I trust You.

-I can make it for free if is necessary.

-It is Better if is cash I have to say,,but I am more worry for you have a good experience more than the payment method.

-We love what we do,,,actually..i think we are very lucky...just by been here and with family.

-We can go to any beach to surf.

-A company with a face.

-Enjoying Simple Things

You can call me or text me.. or what sap.   52 1 322 1907020

2017.. It is been great for many activities in Punta de Mita,  All family happy.

Thanks for visiting us.

Alex Sr.