BIke or Walk Yelapa, Historic Indigenous Town.

History say the first contact with outsiders was a militar party led by Francisco Cortes,cousin of Hernan Cortez 1524,s While Hernan Cortez stayed in Puerto Vallarta.

​Most of the people that moved here those years.. They came from El Tuito and Chacala Towns in the Mountains of Jalisco, friendly towns where everybody knows each other.

Yealapa ,The place where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to hang out.

While the were filming the famous movie "Night of The Iguana".

On the Mexican Pacific coast surrounded by green mountains and warm water.

Yelapa is  located right infront of Punta de Mita,40 Minutes Boat Ride. 30 kms Distance.

We usually see dolphins and whales.. Fish jumping out of the water, giant mantas 

Things to do:

Find the  Bread-Pie Lady

Walk to Waterfall

Walk thru the little yelapa streets.

$ 550  us Dollars is the cost for this trip.

8 People max/

Hippie  Magic Town

Mita Aventuras